Zebra roller blinds

Zebra roller blinds make for a smart choice that provides any room with elegant style and warmth. It imparts a very smart design in conjunction with style and light control efficacy to users. One of the best things about these roller blinds is that these are available to suit all tastes. Choosing the perfect design to suit existing decor and enhance its beauty, your investment in these blinds will make the neighbours go green with envy.

With Zebra blinds, you can go bold and add sophistication to the room decor without any impact on privacy and solar control efficiency. These days, the blinds are integrated with advanced motorised technology sans any hassles of wiring. The blinds are 12v battery powered which provide them an edge over other blinds and the quick remote helps you control individual blinds or groups as per your choice.

Sophisticated new age blinds designed in a fashion to ensure you complete exclusion of light through high quality opaque fabric and soothing plain colors. These are perfect elements to ensure shading and privacy to a room.

Platinum Decor is one of the largest and leading Zebra Blind Shades suppliers. We operate from Bangalore and supply blinds integrated with advanced motorised technology. Powered by 12v battery, our blinds look great, are easy to maintain, and available at competitive rates.